The enhanced 'On a Plate' Version 2.2 was released on 25 November 2012

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Good food made simply

Our flagship app for Apple's range of mobile devices has now been updated. Version 2.2 has new recipes; and is now optimised for use with the new iPhone 5. More information...

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‘Just Cake’ is out

Cakes made simply

To show you what we are all about, we have made ‘Just Cake’. It is a compact version of our ‘On a plate’ app; just delicious cakes. This app clearly demonstrates our philosophy for making great food simply. There are lots of gorgeous recipes, along with guides about achieving professional presentation; all in one highly-portable, easy to use app.

And it's free! Download it from the App Store...

It's a free uChef app

A new approach

Today, we carry mobile technology with us everywhere, so why not take it into the kitchen? For years, we have relied on cumbersome hard-to-follow cookbooks, which are difficult to refer to when away from the kitchen.

The new app from uChef – On a plate – allows you to use your Apple mobile device as a simple one-touch highly illustrated cookbook. ‘On a plate’ can be easily taken anywhere and used on the move: to the shops to help you to check and identify the ingredients that you need to buy, or just browse it in a free moment to inspire the cooking of delicious freshly made meals.

Good food made simply

Thai fish cakes We have a philosophy that encourages the chef to be creative, yet still gives delicious ideas that are easy to prepare.

Good food should not be hard to make, so we have taken a visual approach to our tasty, wholesome, and elegant recipes. Our recipes are displayed as diagrams that guide the cook through every step of the process.

Coupled to 'elements' this all gives the cook an easy-to-use system to help them produce elegant, professional standard, and, most of all, delicious meals.

To get a flavour of the 'On a plate' concept, go to our Facebook page and then run our beta Facebook interactive demonstration by opening the try-out app.

On a plate dishes

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